I hadn’t much of a vision as I traveled down life’s road.  Till I saw God’s forgotten children, spread around about the globe.  I felt a stirring in my heart, as a plan began to form.  I saw God’s children, homes and schools!  Hence, Trips with a Mission was born!

I stepped onto the path of faith to generate some funds. To gather in God’s children – the lost, forgotten ones.  It wasn’t very easy work. Deaf ears oft came my way.  Then God began to speak to hearts and ‘nay’ turned into ‘yea’.  

We’ve been bringing in the kids.  The homes are full of laughter.  The schools are full and they’re learning about the Master!  Their hunger pain are now no more.  They’re never all alone.  They matter now.  They have a home – a home to call their own.

Trips with a Mission is ever there, to help every child we can.  We race to save the children, lest one little one be lost.  As we press on, we see the needs – the children’s cries prevailing.  Rescue a child. Give of your heart.  Some child – somewhere is waiting!