James Bowen is a young man who lives in London, England. He is the first to admit that he took the wrong road in life consequently ending up a drug addict living ‘rough’ on the streets. James was a busker in London singing or selling a magazine to earn a little money to support himself. Well into his recovery from drugs he and his cat named Bob participated in a ‘charity walk’. James said,

“Tonight I felt very pleased with myself. Walking a dozen or so miles may not seem like much to some people but for me it was the equivalent of running the London Marathon. All and all, I felt like I had done something positive. I had given something back. I had for so many years taken from people because I thought I had nothing to give. Tonight has shown me that wasn’t true. Everyone has something to contribute no matter how small.”

Giving back, helping others is what God calls us to do. We all have our part to play. By the way, though this isn’t a book review, the book, “A Street Cat Named Bob”, is a delightful story of James and Bob. It tells how the friendship and devotion of an extraordinary cat helped James turn his life around.