Lend a Helping Hand

Many of our children realize that higher education is valuable to their future.  Fortunately, some of our child sponsors continue to sponsor their child until they have graduated from college.  People in the West tend to shudder at the thought of college or university fees, and rightfully so!  Thankfully, school fees in Nepal and India are minimal.  When a child has the grades, determination and intellect to pursue a degree, certificate or trade, then we want to be there to lend a helping hand.  We have many students who have graduated from high school.  Presently we have young people in every imaginable area of higher study, from a hospitality degree, medical school, dental program, to a Masters in business.

A Little Amount Goes a Long Way

If you desire to help one of our young people obtain an education beyond that of high school, please contribute towards our Scholarship Program.  One year of education for a young graduated from St. Devi’s or the LOT Home in Relli, India, is approximately $900.  You may donate the full amount or whatever fits your budget.