Working in Belarus has involved a lot of red tape and patience but God led us to open a second Children’s Home near the capital city of Minsk.  A young couple, Oleg and Olga have dedicated their lives to raising God’s forgotten little ones.  This lovely couple has taken these children into their hearts and they are raising them as their own.  Each child was deeply troubled when they first came into our home but with patience, love, prayer, and God’s grace, each one now is thriving.

Trips with a Mission purchased a single-family home as a safe haven for abandoned children.  A volunteer team traveled to Belarus to repair the home and bring it up to government standards so the home could be approved.  Thirteen light fixtures had to be replaced; wallpaper had to be hung to cover water stains; bathrooms had to be made useable.  Three porches needed spindles, stairs needed handrails and an unheated summer porch needed to be insulated and converted into a playroom.  Kitchen cabinets, sink and appliance had to be purchased and installed.  To top everything off, Jeremy Chittick and Wesley Leeds built a magnificent playground complete with swings, monkey bars, playhouse and sandbox.

At last, the work was complete.  On the last day the group gathered in prayer to dedicate the house to God.  They prayed over Oleg and Olga, the surrogate parents asking God to give them patience and guidance for the daunting task ahead.

That was in 2003.  God has indeed blessed.  ‘Our’ children are flourishing.  Lives are being changed.  We give God the glory!

Images of Sviclock, Belarus