Malawi is a little sliver of a country in the southeast portion of Africa with Zimbabwe on the west and Mozambique to the east. It is a country blessed with natural beauty and lovely people. Though Malawi is beautiful it has one of the highest rates of working poverty in the world. 60% of the population earns less than US$2 per day leaving these working people well-below poverty level. Consequently 30% of the poor children never start primary school. Secondary school and higher education is largely confined to non-poor households. Sadly to say, there are few opportunities for poor Malawians to improve their situations.

Trips with a Mission has established TWAM Centre which has implemented several programs in Chipanda Village, located southwest of Blantyre. Our goal is to feed, educate and take care of every needy child of Chipanda Village. We  believe it’s difficult to learn when one is chronically hungry. In Malawi we are trying our best to live God’s love through loving His children.

Healthy Start Meal Program

On our first visit to Malawi we noticed that a large number of village children were lethargic, sitting in the shade of huge trees, seemingly in a stupor. Another interesting observation was the lack of ashes from recent cooking fires and shiny clean cooking pots void of food. As we spoke to the children we learned they had not eaten in the past day or two, which was not unusual. We found this unacceptable, though we knew that the children were not missing meals due to negligence but simply because there was no food in the household.

TWAM Centre established a feeding program not only to fill stomachs but to provide valuable nutrition to the undernourished and hungry children of Chipanda Village. Currently we are feeding 40 children daily. Our meals consist of beans, rice, hard boiled eggs, phala (a porridge of ground rice, peanuts & soybeans mixed with powdered milk), along with vegetables, fruit and a multiple vitamin.

  • For only $15 you can feed one child 2 meals a day for one month! Donate today >>

Happy Hearts Nursery School

malawi-kids-drawingOur nursery school is growing with 30 students ages 2 ½ thru 5 years. Our aim is to educate these little ones so they have a head start when they enter primary school, and just as important, we are providing a safe, loving environment while they are learning. Happy Hearts has a kindly teacher, Rose, who is not only experienced, but she loves children and they know it! The children currently enrolled in Happy Hearts are all orphans. We give the children a mid-day meal and education but we also bathe, give medical care & clothes as needed.

  • A small $10 a month donation will sponsor one child at the Happy Hearts Nursery School. Donate today >>

Going Forward Scholarship Program

We want every child in Chipanda Village to have the opportunity to attend school. Government school is technically free yet it isn’t really. Between small fees, uniforms, black shoes, writing paper, text books, the actual cost is $50 per year per student!! Yet many parents cannot afford even so small a price and children suffer from lack of education. We named our scholarship program ‘Going Forward’ because we feel strongly that people cannot move forward, out of their present circumstance, without help, without an education.

  • Please help a child  ‘Go Forward’ through education – only $50 annually. Donate today >>

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