Ghana is located in the western portion of the African continent with the Gold Coast to the south, bordering the Atlantic Ocean. Beginning in the 1470’s the Portuguese built permanent forts and trading posts along the coast for trading gold, ivory and pepper. Today, Ghana is entrenched in poverty, especially in the rural areas where approximately one-half of the population reside.

A significant number of school- aged children do not attend classes. According to educators and government officials, poverty is the major reason. Many families earn only $2-3 per day which means many students across Ghana live in grinding poverty. Children must help their families by working in the markets, on farms or on fishing boats instead of going to school. In rural areas in particular, parents or guardians will give the children a choice of eating or going to school. Eating is chosen over learning for obvious reasons! If the children help out in the market and they sell enough, there will be money to buy food in the evening. It is very common to see young people carrying baskets and trays on their heads in the market and on street corners, hawking vegetables and fish. Trips with a Mission is actively demonstrating the love of God through care given to His forgotten children.

‘Going Forward’ Scholarship Program – Ghana

Trips with a Mission is providing an education for children and young people in an area north of Kasoa, located in the Central Region of Ghana. To keep these precious children in school, every child needs a sponsor.

TWAM is sponsoring 25 children from Quaye-Krom, Odortom and Jei-Krodua villages and these children are enrolled in 2 primary schools. Though government education is free buying school supplies and paying other school fees run $50 per year, which is more than many rural families can pay. It is too embarrassing for children to enroll in school just to be sent home because they do not have the mandatory uniform, black shoes or school supplies.

TWAM sponsors 3 students who attend Senior High School (boarding school): Justice Atobam, Rebecca Baidoo and Dian Gloria. These students had no possible hope of obtaining higher education but they desperately wanted to graduate from high school. TWAM believes that education is extremely important and we are thrilled to help these worthy students!

  • The all-inclusive price is $250 per term x 3 terms = annual fees of $750. Donate today >>

Healthy Start Meal Program – Ghana

We cannot expect our primary school students to learn if they are hungry. We are feeding our young students porridge made of maize, beans and groundnuts (peanuts), and agushi (rice and beans), vegetable stew with vegetables & yams, hard cooked eggs, and fruit. Every child receives boiled, filtered drinking water. The menu varies daily.

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