Many people assume that non-profits like TWAM are backed by corporations or churches. Actually we are supported solely by individuals and most of them do not give from their ‘plenty’ but they sacrifice. We are deeply touched if we learn of a donors sacrificial giving. Donia sent us the following:

“I just want you to know why I’m sending you this. I attended a seminar for $98 for my nursing CEO’s back in June. I put in my request to the hospital to get reimbursed. It takes a lot of paperwork, etc and then sometimes they refuse the request. Anyway, I’d sent in all the papers and never got paid. I finally checked with them and I needed one more paper. I looked all over and couldn’t find it. I just decided if I found the paper I’d give the money to TWAM. I reached into a drawer in my desk and there it was in a file! So anyway, here it is plus $2 to make it an even $100. Please use it where you need it the most.”