We brought two large duffel bags of clothes for the children at St. Devi’s. Dumping the clothes on the bed in the guest bedroom created a large, chaotic heap. I spent several hours sorting everything by gender and size. Once there was order to the clothes I was delighted to see we had enough to give something to every child. It’s always sad when a child receives nothing. Devi was especially excited about the underwear and socks. She looked at all the pretty designs on the girl panties and fingered the socks, thrilled by the quality. Several times she said, “I really love these. We cannot get nice ones here in Nepal.” All of the clothes will be distributed in March when the new term begins, that way the students will have fresh, new things when school starts. A few children happened to see us sorting so we allowed them to choose something new! Shirts, sweatshirts and sandals. The children were elated!