2019 Apr 16

Thank You Sponsors!

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When our students make cards and write letters to their sponsors, they take the task seriously. They each draw beautiful pictures and sometimes write little jingles. It's amazing how creative they are! Even our oldest boys get in there to thank the person who has helped them. Thank you sponsors! [...]

2019 Apr 12

Our Pride and Joy

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At the TWAM facilities we have two types of students - day students, those who live outside the compound and pay tuition, and hostel students. The hostel students are sponsored children who live at the facility while attending school. They are our pride and joy! The picture below shows most [...]

2019 Apr 10

Exam Time

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It is exam time at St. Devi's Academy. The scores on the exams play an important role in the future of each student in Nepal, determining which college they can attend. It's 'crunch time' and the studying and stress is intense. Good luck!!!

2019 Mar 27

Where is He Now?

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St. Devi's Academy was home to Deepak Niraula all of his childhood and he graduated in 2017. During the past 2 years he's been attending college to earn a degree as an electrician. As he continues his education, Deepak earns his tuition by working as a night watchman. Best of [...]

2019 Mar 24

Puzzled in Nepal

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The children at St. Devi's Academy had an exceedingly good time assembling puzzles. This might not seem like a compelling activity but building puzzles is a rare event in Nepal. Both genders and all ages enjoyed the challenge. The children divided into teams and when they completed the puzzles they [...]

2019 Mar 20

Sewer Upgrade in Nepal

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Just outside the compound walls at St. Devi's Academy is a small river. It has been filthy and putrid since before we purchased our land so many years ago. Fortunately a big change is on the way. A brand new sewer system is being constructed so access into our compound [...]

2019 Mar 14

Trips with a Mission – By Jo Phelps, November 2004

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I hadn't much of a vision as I traveled down life's road.  Till I saw God's forgotten children, spread around about the globe.  I felt a stirring in my heart, as a plan began to form.  I saw God's children, homes and schools!  Hence, Trips with a Mission was born! [...]

2017 Mar 3


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Cries of venders in the streets, Strange music in a foreign tongue, The stench of car exhaust and garbage, Familiar faces with happy smiles. Towering mountains in the distance, Dusty dirt trails, Primitive villages, Barefoot children with smiling faces. Overworked women carrying dokos, Men drinking tea in rundown huts, Goats [...]

2017 Feb 23

Things to Do

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Not all repairs have been made from the massive earthquake 2 years ago. Besides that, the Nepalese government continues to enforce more rules for the operation of educational facilities. We are required to make a separate location within the compound for the nursery (Montessori) class which is to include an [...]