2019 Jun 12

Environment Day

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June 5 was Environment Day in Relli, India. The LOT School participated in many ways. The students marched in the parade carrying signboards with environmental messages and they planted trees. All the LOT teachers made short speeches on global warming, deforestation, the harmful affects of chemical agriculture and pollution caused [...]

2019 Jun 12

Aakriti’s Graduation!

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Aakriti graduated from Columbia College on May 18 with a Master's in Business Administration! We are so very proud of her. Aakriti has had many life changes in the past few years. First she got married, then moved to a new country (USA); she had a baby girl and even [...]

2019 May 16

Food Delivery

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This morning food was delivered to St. Devi's Academy. Food prices have escalated tremendously which has put a strain on the budget. Because propane is so expensive, the resident cook has been using a wood fire for the past several years, to cook meals. Even so, wood is rather costly [...]

2019 May 8


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Recently we received a postcard from some of the girls who live at St Devi's Academy. This was a first for us. We do not know who took the initiative to send a thank you message to the TWAM office but we were impressed. First, the girls must have felt [...]

2019 May 8

Other Graduates

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We have a few boys (not all pictured) graduating from St. Devi's as well as girls we pictured earlier. Robin Khadka (left) and Daniel Karki (right) plan to continue their education. Daniel has a long-time sponsor who continues to sponsor him. All the best to Robin, Daniel, and all of [...]

2019 Apr 16

Thank You Sponsors!

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When our students make cards and write letters to their sponsors, they take the task seriously. They each draw beautiful pictures and sometimes write little jingles. It's amazing how creative they are! Even our oldest boys get in there to thank the person who has helped them. Thank you sponsors! [...]

2019 Apr 12

Our Pride and Joy

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At the TWAM facilities we have two types of students - day students, those who live outside the compound and pay tuition, and hostel students. The hostel students are sponsored children who live at the facility while attending school. They are our pride and joy! The picture below shows most [...]

2019 Apr 10

Exam Time

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It is exam time at St. Devi's Academy. The scores on the exams play an important role in the future of each student in Nepal, determining which college they can attend. It's 'crunch time' and the studying and stress is intense. Good luck!!!

2019 Apr 10

Happy Colors

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A new coat of paint for the LOT Home and school in India. Dressed in Spring colors and looking beautiful!

2019 Mar 27

Where is He Now?

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St. Devi's Academy was home to Deepak Niraula all of his childhood and he graduated in 2017. During the past 2 years he's been attending college to earn a degree as an electrician. As he continues his education, Deepak earns his tuition by working as a night watchman. Best of [...]