A Unique Organization – Working Where God Leads

Trips with a Mission has a philosophy which makes it unique compared to many other organizations.

  • Our goal is to engage in work only as God leads.  We realize that with God as our partner can we truly hope to succeed.
  • We help the ‘whole child’.  Our organization doesn’t just give access to the necessities in life, such as food, education and medical care.  We actually give each and every child a brand new life!
  • We work where there are no social services therefore we help those who are overlooked, children who would not have been helped had we not been there.
  • In our child sponsorship program, 100% of the money goes for the care of the sponsored child.
  • We have an active on-going relationship with the nationals who administrate our overseas projects.  We do not build a facility then move on.  Our continuing contact has developed lifetime friendships building bridges in a world tainted by prejudice.  We lend moral, financial and spiritual support, which ultimately leads to successful projects.
  • Trips with a Mission is totally funded by donations.  When a new project is undertaken we have to raise the necessary money.  It takes hard work and commitment.  We believe that we are accountable to God for every cent that is raised, therefore we are judicious and thrifty with how it is spent.
  • Though many of our staff profess Christianity, we do not ‘push’ religion on our students.  Both eastern and western denominations are represented in our student body.  Bible stories are taught in our homes but children are never pressured or discriminated against if they do not accept the Christian faith.

Why We Do What We Do

Anne Frank once said, “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”  That is exactly what Trips with a Mission is doing.  Isn’t improving the life of even one child not only changing their immediate world but the world in general?  Think about the influence of every individual and the lives one touches, then think about the tremendous positive impact all of ‘our’ children will have as they are launched into the world as honest, kind, responsible adults!!

The bible says that God is not a respecter of persons.  In the little corners of the world where TWAM is operating children’s homes, we see everyone as equal.  Our homes are filled with the homeless, the untouchables, the low caste and destitute, and they are all precious!  We do not discriminate against religion, nationality, race, caste, gender, financial status or for any other reason.


We, at Trips with a Mission, cannot take credit for awards or accolades given to any of our homes. We cannot take credit for the wonderful progress of the children in these homes.

All praise goes to the benevolent, selfless leaders at each home who are on the job 24/7. And to kind hearted, generous people who sponsor ‘our’ children and support our work.  Thanks be to God who has brought all of us together!