Aakriti graduated from Columbia College on May 18 with a Master’s in Business Administration! We are so very proud of her. Aakriti has had many life changes in the past few years. First she got married, then moved to a new country (USA); she had a baby girl and even so, she somehow managed to earn a Master’s degree!! An amazing accomplishment!!

Aakriti graduated from St. Devi’s Academy as a day student. Her family lives near the campus. After finishing college she worked as a teacher at SDA prior to her marriage. Praveen, her husband, also graduated from Devi’s as a hostel student. He went on to earn a bachelor’s degree and master’s as well. We wish Aakriti and her little family all the best!!!

Photos: Aakriti- Aakriti & Praveen- Aakriti’s mother, Aspen, Aakriti, Praveen