LOT Home Untouched by Earthquake

May 3, 2015

Jonathan, the administrator of the LOT Home in Relli, India which is nestled in the Himalayan Mountains just east of Nepal reports: We experienced an earthquake measuring 7.9 on the Richter scale. It was really frightening and a scary time for all of us. We […]

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Praise God for Water!

Water is an issue in Kathmandu and India. In Kathmandu the wells run dry frequently, which is the case at St. Devi’s Academy. One of the attractions of Kalimpong, in the hill country of Northeast India, is water. But now, even in Kalimpong there is no water. It has […]

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Life at LOT

Last night I talked with some of the older children trying to get them to open up about their lives and experience at the LOT Home. The children are very shy about  speaking to me in English, and furthermore, communicating about feelings is not encouraged in this culture. Consequently, […]

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All the Pretty Smiles

As I took photographs of individual children this morning I discovered that every child is in serious need of dental care. Everyone needs his/her teeth cleaned, cavities filled and instruction on proper oral health. There are a number of children with very crowded teeth so I am checking on […]

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The Plight of the Orphans by Jo Phelps

The child was frail and ragged that day
As she crouched down low to make her way.
The streets were typical of the seedy slums.
She leafed through the garbage for any little crumbs.
She dodged the puddles from the recent rain,
As she tried to forget her hunger pains.
Her clothes were dirty and […]

Isha Needs a Sponsor!!

Isha is a girl who resides at the LOT Home in Relli, IndiShe is a gentle pretty girl but her story is anything but pretty.  When she was just a small child her mother abandoned the family, leaving her 3 daughters with their father.  He was uneducated, working at […]

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Life of an Unskilled Laborer

Many of our children have a parent(s) who is an ‘unskilled laborer’. People have told me that if a child has a parent(s), especially a working parent(s), then the child should not be in our home. Let me explain what ‘unskilled laborer’ means.

Many goods are piled precariously on 50 year […]

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It’s not enough for me to see the children in the TWAM Homes. I keep in touch with the graduates to encourage them, to let them know I care and that I want them to succeed. Pradeep graduated last year and he is attending junior college 4 km (a […]

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Power Out

There has been no power for days. I found a coffee shop with both power and Internet access so I spent the past hour checking emails while charging my laptop.

On the walk back to my hotel I dodge cars, motorcycles, bicycles and hoards of people. I must be alert to avoid […]

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God’s Little Blessings

My hair felt like dreadlocks. Between the constant dust, the wind from the car window and the fact that I had not shampooed it in many days, my hair was very curly and frizzy. Not a good look! There has not been electricity for the past 2 days but even so, I […]

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