Rebecca’s in our Scholarship Program!

Trips with a Mission is sending Rebecca (far left) to school in Ghana, West Africa.  She is attending Gomoa Jukwa SDA Senior High School as a 10th grader.  She is another fortunate child in the TWAM Scholarship Program!!

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Praveen Visits

If you had seen me at 6 this morning, you would have known I was driving to the Power Stop, where I left Praveen to catch the shuttle to Denver.  Actually I was still wearing my black polka dot pajamas under my coat; since it was still dark I figured [...]

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The Plight of the Orphans by Jo Phelps

The child was frail and ragged that day As she crouched down low to make her way. The streets were typical of the seedy slums. She leafed through the garbage for any little crumbs. She dodged the puddles from the recent rain, As she tried to forget her hunger pains. [...]

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New Website!

Welcome to our new website!  This is the first post in the new TWAM Blog.  Please check back here often for blog articles (on a personal level) written by TWAM's founder, Suzy Sims.

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